On the days you are looking for a little something special; reach for a cappuccino for that strong espresso taste and frothy foam. It’s the Italian specialty coffee drink that has conquered the world; the frothy drink, ideal for mornings!

Cappuccinos are made with a third of espresso, a third of hot milk and a third of frothy milk foam. Sometimes a cappuccino is topped with chocolate shavings or cinnamon adding to its dessert-like character. Enjoy it however you prefer it with our Café Menu® range: NESCAFÉ® Cappuccino, NESCAFÉ® Cappuccino Unsweetened and NESCAFÉ® Skinny Cappuccino.

While cappuccinos are usually served hot, there is a cold variety known as cappuccino freddo or iced cappuccino that is often served with cold frothed milk.

Two important requirements for a cappuccino are normally espresso machines (first patented in Italy in 1901 by Luigi Bezzera) and a barista skilled in foaming milk correctly.