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NESCAFÉ Conditions of Sales

1. Definitions

Where the following terms appear in these present terms and conditions:

“Products” means the products sold by NESCAFÉ.

“NESCAFÉ” means the company bearing the name «Vassos Eliades Ltd», a distributor of NESTLÉ S.A., having its registered office in Nicosia, Dali Industrial Area at the address 23, Lefkosias Str., 2540.«Services» means the Services provided by NESCAFÉ to its clients.

2. Essential conditions

The present general terms: (a) govern all orders and purchases made to NESCAFÉ, in any means whatsoever. In particular for purchases made on the internet, kindly refer to our site for further specific provisions, (b) apply to your participation as member of NESCAFÉ and the provision of Products and Services, (γ) may be modified by NESCAFÉ at any time by sending a notice to you or by posting an announcement in the pages that apply to Cyprus on the website

3. Orders

3.1. You may place your orders for Products and Services in the following manners:

a)      by telephone at the number: 8000 42 00

b)      through website

c)      by visiting a NESCAFÉ Pop Up Shop, i.e.:

  • NESCAFÉ Pop Up Shop Nicosia - The MALL of Cyprus
  • NESCAFÉ Pop Up Shop Limassol – My Mall

3.2. The minimum coffee packaging contains 10 capsules.

3.3. All orders are subject to the limitations of stock availability. NESCAFÉ shall inform customers as soon as possible for any rupture of stock.

3.5. NESCAFÉ reserves the right to refuse orders, in total or in part, or to request and advance payment of the order value, in case low creditworthiness of the candidate buyer is detected.

4. Delivery and acceptance (of delivery)

4.1. NESCAFÉ shall make every effort to provide the Products and Services at the address stated in your order, within 48 hours or 2-5 working days for addresses that are located in inaccessible areas. If, due to a particular reason or force majeure, the aforementioned desired delivery times cannot be met, you will be informed in a timely manner.

4.2. If you wish the delivery of Products or Services to be made in a different way than the one provided for by NESCAFÉ, you must communicate such request to NESCAFÉ and if accepted, you shall incur all related additional expenses.

4.3. Ownership of the Products and any risk involved is transferred to you at the time you receive them.

5. Returns

5.1. You have the right to return any merchandise that does not suit you within 30 days following the acceptance of delivery.

5.2. NESCAFÉ accepts only returns of merchandise brand new and in their original condition and packaging, accompanied by the related invoices. In such conditions, NESCAFÉ will reimburse the amount paid for the returned products within 30 days after the recept of the said products. No return of money will be made for postage expenses.

5.3. You are responsible for verifying the quantity and quality of the merchandise upon delivery and in case of defective merchandise, you must inform NESCAFÉ accordingly within 30 days after the reception of the merchandise. If the product that you have purchased is indeed defective, NESCAFÉ may repair or replace it or reimburse you, in accordance with your legal rights. If you do not inform NESCAFÉ within the aforementioned 30-day deadline, the order is considered as accepted.

5.4. In particular, NESCAFÉ É Mug is covered by a legal 2-year warranty by their constructors, in accordance to the special terms and conditions stated in the documents accompanying the machines. For any issue that may arise in respect of the functioning, maintenance and after-sales service of your NESCAFÉ É Mug, we kindly ask you to contact NESCAFÉ at the following number: 8000 42 00.

5.5. When returns are properly completed, NESCAFÉ shall replace the merchandise returned, if they are proven defective, or reimburse the price paid, within a maximum of 30days upon the reception of the returned merchandise.

6. Product prices and modes of payment

6.1. NESCAFÉ may alter the prices of the Products and Services by notifying consumers in the most convenient means.

6.2. You will pay the price of the Product and Services that is applicable at the time that the order is placed.

6.3. Prices are inclusive of VAT but not of postage/courrier  expenses.

6.5. The invoiced value shall be paid in cash upon delivery of the Products or provision of Services, regardless of the means in which the order was placed (unless credit has been agreed).

6.6. Payment by means of postdated bank cheques is not accepted. Delivery within 24 hours is excluded and has additional freight charges of €9.00.

6.7. If the address for the delivery of the products is different than the one mentioned on the invoices, then the invoiced priced must be paid prior to delivery.

7. Participation at NESCAFÉ

7.1. When NESCAFÉ receives your order, you automatically become a member of NESCAFÉ.

7.2. Your NESCAFÉ Membership number is stated in the first invoice that you will receive. In order to serve you better, please keep this number at hand for all your future orders.

7.3. Your participation to NESCAFÉ gives you the right should you consent to it to benefit from special Services proposed, such as receiving information on new products and services offered by our company, participating to competitions, being informed on offers and other advantageous services.

7.4. Your membership to NESCAFÉ cannot be transferred to a third party.

7.5. It is your responsibility to ensure that the contact details your provide to NESCAFÉ are and remain up to date.

8. Liability

8.1. With regard to Products and Services, NESCAFÉ's only liability is limited as expressly stated in the present Conditions of Sales. To the extent permissible by law, all other liability is excluded.

8.2. NESCAFÉ has no responsibility (whether contractual or non contractual or other) for any direct, special, consequential or indirect damage or tort, including loss of income, that may result from the sales described herein.

9. Personal Data Protection

NESCAFÉ does not disclose or transfer any of your personal data to third parties and strictly abides by relative Regulation and laws on personal data protection. Our company’s policy on personal data protection has been posted on our website www.NESCAFÉ Should you have any further enquiries regarding the way your personal data will be processed you may contact us through contact details or through our Data Protection Officer by emailing directly at

You may withdraw any consent you have provided us with at any time by conducting us directly with a request in writing.

10. Applicable law

These terms and conditions are governed by and must be construed in accordance with the laws of Cyprus. The Courts of Cyprus have exclusive jurisdiction for solving any disputes that may arise between you and NESCAFÉ.